After receiving critical acclaim for her first album ‘Snake Eyes,’ Kat Solar is gearing up to release her anticipated second album. “Infinity”, the first single off the album of the same name, shows Solar moving in a dance direction.

While Snake Eyes introduced you to a larger than life character exploring love and sexuality amidst an eclectic landscape of pop, rock and electronica, our protagonist now takes you on a journey through love and all its myriad possibilities. Get ready to dance along to the Pop/EDM fueled trek through space and time.

Kat Solar (born Katrina Connor) grew up in Detroit where her earliest memories were of dancing to her parents’ early rock and roll, classic soul and Motown. Working in dramatic arts from a young age Solar brings a very theatrical edge to her style both musically and visually. In her own words...
"Have fun. Don’t become a robot. And if you must, for however long you must, remember to shine and dance and sing until your neighbors hate you."

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