Pop star Kat Solar shares her top Valentine's Day songs

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Digital Journal

Review: Kat Solar stunning on dance single and video for 'Infinity'


Exclusive Interview with Kat Solar.

"While Solar has some specific influences, at the root of her inspiration is the desire to just write good songs – music that shines no matter the genre it’s played in."


Concert Review Kat Solar

"With an overall production that will make you forget you’re actually not at Madison Square Garden but an underground club on Bleecker Street, Kat Solar is ready to take the pop music world by storm."


Interview: Celestial Pop Queen Kat Solar Takes Us To “Infinity” And Beyond

Celestial Pop Queen Kat Solar Takes Us To “Infinity” And Beyond


Interview: Kat Solar

"Infinity came to me as a powerful concept that I couldn’t quite put into words or wrap my arms around"


Americana Diva: Kat Solar Infinity

Solar has the voice, the talent, the songwriting ability, and the charisma to be the next big thing.


Kat Solar Takes Us to Infinity With New Acoustic Video

Exclusive: Kat Solar Takes Us To "Infinity" with New Acoustic Video


Kat Solar To Infinity and Beyond

Radio Interview: Kat Solar To Infinity and Beyond


Dance Diva Kat Solar Takes Us to 'Infinity' and Beyond

Artist Kat Solar takes us on a high-energy thrill ride through space and time with the music video for her latest single, “Infinity"


TRACK PREMIERE: Kat Solar “Infinity”

Kat Solar, aka Katrina Connor from Detroit, is a pop artist putting her drama background to work

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Watch the full length music video "Snake Eyes"

from Kat Solar which premiered on New, Now, Next.

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Kat Solar Flares Up at ‘Snake Eyes’ Release Party

A commensurate performer, Solar proved she could sing, dance, and play to a crowd. It seems very likely that her star will continue to burn bright.

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‘Snake Eyes.’ Soon to appear on Logo TV. A diva on the up.

Kat Solar to be sure is one of those buoyant can do musicians who has decided to take her brand of charisma, gutsy and theatrical to the fore.

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A Diva Stuck In An Indie World: Kat Solar at Le Poisson Rouge

Kat Solar is an up and coming pop singer from the bright city of Detroit who's a little bit of the last four decades.

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Kat Solar

Detroit's Kat Solar, an electro-dance diva in the making, shows off brassy tunes and slick grooves from her debut album, Snake Eyes.

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Kat Solar Comes to Le Poisson Rouge

Kat Solar's debut album has been met with enthusiasm. Snake Eyes takes thelistener on a narrative journey with a strong female protagonist that is bold, sexy and full of adventure.


Kat Solar EPK

Kat Solar's debut album has been met with enthusiasm, including a rave review from Out Magazine.

Soundtrack to my day


She can dance, work a boa, and deliver a song with a coo and a wink, and maybe a little spank, too. Kat is having a great time on stage with her dancers, and that joy is contagious.

The joy of violent movement


Solar has a powerfully seductive voice and is honestly quite a striking figure to look at.